Storybird Story Writing

We are having so much fun writing and sharing our Storybird stories this week. I am so impressed with these stories and how the students have been so creative in developing them with the provided art work on Storybird. Here are photos of the students sharing them with each other. We focused on how to give positive feedback and how we can suggest to make it better next time.

I love to see the student’s writing progress right before our very eyes!20150429_09355120150429_09253820150429_09190520150429_09185120150429_09184520150429_09183420150429_09093820150429_094214



Communication Systems

Please click on this link to view our tuning-in day on communication systems.

We experienced an exciting day with all the classes rotating through a variety activities about communication. Students explored different styles of music, written texts in different languages, signs and symbols, sign language, color meanings in different cultures, silent movies, and Hieroglyphics.

Our commonality is:

We all have a story to tell and meaning to share. Through this commonality, we learn how all people have developed symbolic systems to convey meaning. We learn how the ability to communicate across contexts and cultures is critical to solving complex problems. We learn about the transformative impact of new media and messaging systems. We come to understand the importance of mastering systems of communication.

Our unit understanding is:

People use signs and symbols to facilitate communication and to convey meaning.

Our essential questions are:

What is symbolism?

How can we communicate successfully in different contexts?

How are ideas represented differently across languages and cultures?

Our unit vocabulary:

Semiotic systems, symbolism, sign, symbol, symbolic, linguistic, visual, still and moving pictures, gestural, facial expression, body language, spatial, organization, lay-out, auditory, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, culture