Summarizing, Coyote Steals the Blanket


We read this story this week and tried a different summarizing strategy. Students used the cooperative Mix Freeze strategy to listening and share ideas with others. We wrote the main idea of the story and listed important words from the text to help us before writing a short summary. Students found this challenging since many wanted to retell the entire story.

Please listen to the story with your family and try to write your own summary by stating a one sentence main idea and listing 6 important words from the story. Your summary should not be more than 3 or 4 sentences. Good luck!



Making Meaning in March

20150318_090047 Students are working in reading partnerships and discussing their story plot together. They completed their own story mountain using a story plot graphic organizer.20150318_090055 20150318_090253 20150318_090102 20150318_093109 20150318_092938 20150318_091935 20150318_09193120150318_085955 20150312_131856 Students worked on close reading by focusing on new and interesting words in text, questions they and thoughts they had about the text and what the author might be thinking or want the reader to think. They also identified the three main events in their reading.

20150312_131833 20150312_131714 Here are students from Ms. Costa’s class working on close reading.

20150323_110644 Students had fun creating their own Quiz, Quiz, Trade game in Mrs. Phillip’s class for present and past tense verbs.

20150323_110633 20150323_110622 20150323_105404 We also played “I have, who has…? with irregular past tense verbs. After that, table groups created collaborative oral stories using specific past tense verbs, a character, a setting and a problem.

20150320_102201 20150320_102153 We had our third quarter Special Snack Party last Friday.20150320_101617 20150320_101610 20150320_091226  Students continue to work on their retelling of Abiyoyo story. We will share these with other students at the end of the week.

20150320_091211  Students played a variety of question games with our new classmate, Mino.20150320_091135 20150320_08534520150320_08534020150320_08540520150320_085353 Here the girls are playing word bingo.

20150318_114444 Mr. Miller’s class has been working on their persuasive writing about their energy houses. Our mini lesson was about self and peer conferencing. Students practiced giving positive feedback before asking questions or helping them edit using editing marks. Most students had big smiles of their faces when they shared their writing and heard positive feedback from a peer.20150318_111649 20150318_09310920150318_111644 20150318_111540